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صفحخ ی لاگین instagram- آژانس تبلیغات کربن

Instagram Ads

Instagram in Iran, with more than 24 million monthly active users, is naturally one of the main target media and advertising centers. Such an area has a high potential for brand introduction, service delivery, and product sales, and if you use relevant and convenient pages, you can increase the success rate and reachability to a very high level.

Carbon owns the ability to advertise your brand message in high numbers on a daily basis. Having had high proficiency in this media over the last 3 years, we have powerful facilities to advertise your brand plus increasing engagement rate. All the pages have been categorized in different purposeful levels and are used based on predefined campaigns.

As one of our specialities, we have had successful experiences for selling different products/services through e-commerce platforms.

لوگو Honor,ZTE,ویستا- شرکت دیجیتال کربن- تبلیغات- تبلیعات دیجیتال
لوگو nivea , digikala و عبیدی
لوگو هف هشتاد ,الی گشت, سرای ابریشم-
لوگو kfood-icymonkey- شیبابا- آژانس تبلیغات کربن- تبلیغات دیجیتال- دیجیتال
لوگو coffeehouse- آژانس تبلیغات کربن- کافه- تبلیغات- تبلیغات دیجیتال
لوگو Panasonic, Canon,,Digikala- شرکت تبلیغات کربن- دیجیتال- تبلیغات دیجیتال- دیجیتال مارکتینگ
لوگو digistyle, تافته, کاله - آژانس تبلیغات کربن- دیجیتال- تبلیغات دیجیتال
لوگو Fitness, Nankid, Biodent
لوگو Nescafe,Sunich,Duchess-آژانس دیجیتال کربن- تبلیغات- تبلیغات دیجیتال


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