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فردی نوشته ی I'm Influencer را در دست دارد- آژانس دیجیتال کربن

Influencer Marketing

Our current lives are strongly influenced by others, especially because of the use of Instagram. Type of nutrition, Outfit, behavior and, in general, the lifestyle of some influential people have infiltrated in the many people’s lives and made them followers for many years. Of course, the nature of the Instagram image has made this issue even more evident. But in the meantime, if you use the right people in the field, one of the most influential types of advertising can be experienced and used.

Carbon IM, with a wide range of influencers in different areas, is able to effectively optimize your marketing experience by selecting the best and related options. We can easily make differences in marketing campaigns through several years of experience in this field, cooperating with more than 700 influencers and strong relationship with influencers.

لوگو Honor, Panasonic,Canon- شرکت دیجیتال کربن- تبلیغات- تبلیغات دیجیتال- دیجیتال
لوگو عبیدی,Zoodroom,digikala- شرکت دیجیتال کربن- تبلیغات- تبلیغات دیجیتال
لوگو تافته، سرای ابریشم،Duchess- آژانس تبلیغات کربن- دیجیتال مارکتینگ- دیجیتال
لوگو Nivea, Nestle,Nescafe- شرکت تبلیغات کربن- تبلیغات- دیجیتال مارکتینگ
لوگو Sunich-icymonkey- شیبابا- آژانس تبلیغات کربن- تبلیغات دیجیتال- دیجیتال- آژانس تبلیغات
لوگو Coffeehouse- آژانس دیجیتال کربن- تبلیغات- تبلیغات دیجیتال


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